Uvesa group > Our more than 50 years

Our key moments:

 Founded by a group of veterinarians.
Opening of 3 factories of feed: Tudela (Navarra), Valladolid and Alcácer (Valencia).
And the first Bird Plant in Tudela (Navarra) begins to operate.
Opening of two Poultry Processing Plants: Prado Vega (Segovia) and Saconda (Valencia). Investments in technology in the 3 feed mills. We celebrated the 25 years of Uvesa in 1989.
New bird plant in Malaga with modern facilities for slaughter and processing. In 2008, the new poultry processing plant in Tudela (Navarra) began to operate.

Investments in the facilities of Cuéllar and Málaga. In 2014 we celebrate 50 years of Uvesa.
In January 2016 begins the activity of the new incubator in Tudela.In 2017, investments are made in the Tudela and Cuéllar plants. In September, the Rafelbuñol plant was incorporated and Uvesa Rafelbuñol was born.

In 2018 investments were made in the 4 plantsI as the new loading system in Cuéllar, new classification machinery in Rafelbuñol and new labeling machines in the 4 plants. And implementation of the new experimental pig farm in Tudela with automated processes to work on improving nutrition and animal welfar


Our history in photos:

1964: Our origin

1964 – 1967

1970 – 1989

1990 – 2008

2008 – 2012

2013 – 2019

Our shareholders: a recognition of their support

A part of the culture of the UVESA emerged from the initial meetings with potential partners with whom UVESA announced at the beginning

In 1962, shareholders of UVESA were about 100 members and currently are more than 1,500 shareholders. These meetings early, that they were individual, regional and provincial, have become currently meeting areas and annual (called pre-assemblies and assemblies) and are still acts simple and cordial, where there is a direct contact of the partners (called shareholders) together with the Board of Directors..

In Uvesa, since 1969, our shareholders are called and is still called, in a very intimate way, with the words FAMILY UVESISTA.

To UVESA, his family Uvesista was, is and remains its origins and now we are in the 2nd and 3rd generation of his first partners and we recognize their great support through these 50 years and for the following years. Thanks FAMILY UVESISTA.