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Currently Grupo Uvesa is one of the leaders in the food industry in Spain thanks to its poultry, pig and feed areas. It has worked in vertical integration in the poultry and pig areas since its origin.  And it continues to advance thanks to the trust of the national and international level.

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  Uvesa Group continues growing and
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Areas of Activity

We have worked in 3 importants business areas from our origins.


Uvesa Groupe is one of the main  chicken producers in Spain, it also operates internationally. Our plants have modern technical facilites, complex automation systems and strict controls in the development of all their processes, which hast alloved them to recognized by important international certifications both in terms of quality and food safety.



The operating protocol of our pig division is marketed by product traceability, food safety and compliance with extensive regulations on animal welfare. We use different types of food and animal genetics, adjusted according to the needs of the market. We are one of the most demanded companies nationwide.



Our animal feed manufacturing centers have the latest technologies and their production processes. The nutrition department of our group works together with the purchasing and control of materials to manufacture feed that provide a complete supply of nutrients and guarantee a healthy and balanced growth. They are strictly regulated through specific audits.

Uvesa history: our key moments

Our history

Our key moments:

We started more than 57 years ago and we have grown and advanced thanks to the efforts of many people.

Discover our history with photos and with a summary of each period from 1964 to 2021 thanks to this timeline. Thanks to everyone who has made it possible to continue advancing day by day.

1964 Our Origin 1964 Our Origin
1975 / 1971 1975 / 1971
1972 / 1984 1972 / 1984
1985 / 2000 1985 / 2000
2001 / 2011 2001 / 2011
2012 / 2017 2012 / 2017
2018 / 2019 2018 / 2019
2020 2020
2021 2021
2022 2022

1964 Our Origin

It was founded by a group of veterinarians who had the opportunity to acquire a feed mill.

The first feed factory in Tudela was initially called PIENSOS UVE.

On january 11, 1964, UVESA was established as a Public Limited Company

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1975 / 1971

The first years: Opening of 3 feed factories: Tudela (Navarra), Valladolid and Alcácer (Valencia).

And the first poultry plant began operating in Tudela (Navarra) in 1967.

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1972 / 1984

Towards industrial Farming.

Investments in technology in the 3 feed mills.

Uvesa continues with its vertical broiler philosophy.

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1985 / 2000

We continue with the expansion:

In 1985, the Prado Vega slaughterhouse in Cuellar (Segovia) was purchased and investments were made after he acquisition of the Tudela feed factory.

The 25th anniversary of Uvesa is celebrated in 1989.

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2001 / 2011

In 2001, a new poultry plant in Malaga with modern slaughter and transformation facilities.

In 2008 the new poultry processing plant in Tudela (Navarra) began to operate.

In 2011 purchase of GPA (pig integration company in Ávila). And reforms in the poultry plant in Cuéllar (Segovia).

New design of the Uvesa logo that will be the 5th logo in the history of Uvesa.

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2012 / 2017

In 2014 we celebrated 50 years of Uvesa.

In January 2016 the activity of the new incubator in Tudela begins.

In 2017, investments were made in the Tudela and Cuéllar plants. And in September Prado Vega and Saconda become Uvesa Cuéllar and Uvesa Catarroja respectively.

In September 2017, the Rafelbuñol plant was incorporated, which is why Uvesa Rafelbuñol was born and will replace Uvesa Catarroja. And the manufacturing plant in Casarrubios del Monte (Toledo) is acquired.

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2018 / 2019

In 2018, investments were made in 4 plants such as the new loading system in Cuéllar, new classification machinery in Rafelbuñol and new labeling machines in the 4 plants. And star-up of the new experimental pig farm in Tudela with automated processes to work on improving nutrition and animal welfare.

In 2019 we obtained the Aenor Animal Welfare seal in Cuéllar and in 2020 it was obtained in the 3 areas (Malaga, Tudela and Rafelbuñol).

Group Uvesa continues to advance day by day thanks to everyone.

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In 2020 we highlight these threads:

* We highlight the effort made in 2020 by our workers and more than 600 integrated farmers despite the Covid situation.

* Launch of the range of cured chicken sausages under the Alpico brand. They are gluten-free and lactose-free products and with 20% less fat than the conventional product.

* Exports of white layer pork to China for the first time in the history of Uvesa.

* We started the “Christmas with social impact” project, which consists of supporting small businesses and local producers with Christmas baskets. We work with local suppliers in each area of Uvesa.

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These are the main milestones for 2021:

*Expansion of cured chicken sausage products under the Alpico brand and development of the Alpico.es website

*Development of the Basmahal brand to launch a range of Halal cured chicken sausages and the Basmahal.es website is launched

*Uvesa Burgos is born with the acquisition of the production unit of Cobur (Burgos). The feed mill and hatchery are operational.

*Project for a new feed factory with the signing of the construction project in the Ciudad Agroalimentaria in Tudela (Navarra).

*Obtaining the “Animal Welfare” certification in its pig farms in the north and center. *We work on the values of Uvesa that are our DNA to continue advancing in the coming years.

*The Christmas project with social impact continues with the support of small businesses and local producers in Navarra to supply Christmas baskets. It is the second edition.

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In 2022 these are the milestones:

*The range of cured chicken sausages continues to be expanded under the Alpico and Basmahal brands.

*Presence at 4 stand fairs with the aim of making the cured chicken sausage ranges known to new customers and reconnecting with current customers. The fairs are: Gulfood Fair in Dubai, Meat Attraction in Madrid, Alimentaria in Barcelona and Sial in Paris.

*Our plants have successfully renewed the Environmental Management Certificate, the Tudela and Málaga Plant and the Rafelbuñol (Valencia) plant is included in the certificate.

*The “Christmas with social impact” project is consolidated with its third edition. This year, small businesses and local producers in the Brugos area are supported by buying their products for the Christmas baskets of the workers and members of the Uvesa Group.

Our shareholders: Uvesista family

Our shareholders

Part of UVESA’s culture emerged from initial meetings with its partners promoting UVESA. There are currently more than 1,500 shareholders.

At Uvesa, since 1969, our shareholders are referred to and continue to be referred to, in a very endearing way, with the words FAMILY UVESISTA. For UVESA, their Uvesista Family was, continues and will continue to be their origins and now we are already in the 2nd and 3rd generation of their first partners and we are grateful for their trust year after year.


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