Chicken delight in ATM tray

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Chicken delight in ATM tray

Ref. 1042

Raw material: Traditional chicken drumsticks of: composed of the femur and the muscle that surrounds it. Traditional chicken drumsticks: composed of the tibia and fibula and surrounding musculature. Cutting joints. With skin and bone.



Fresh product, classified as A category according to the 543/2008 Regulation. Shelf life: 10 days after sacrifice date. Storage: Keep refrigerated between 0º and 4ºC. If you need the technical Specification, please ask us through the Customer Service

NºRef: 1042

Format: Tray

Presentation: Barrier tray packaging in different formats, colors and weights. Film heat sealing barrier. Both materials are for food use.

Nº units/container: 6 – 8

Nº container/box: 8

Approximate weight: 500 g

Package measures (mm): 195 x 155 x 45