Frozen chicken gizzards in flowpack 1kg

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Frozen chicken gizzards in flowpack 1kg 

Ref. 2249

Raw material: Traditional chicken gizzards obtained after gutting and automatic separation of the giblets from The chicken. Free of fat, bruising and strange colouring.



Frozen product, classified as A category according to the 543/2008 Regulation.

Shelf life: 18 months after sacrifice date
Storage: Keep refrigerated under -18ºC

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Nº Ref Presentation Net weight container  Net weight box

Net weight Palet

2249 Deep-frozen product packaged in Flow Pack and labeled with Uvesa label. Film for packaging bags flowpack.

Format: Flowpack  (bag)


Nº containers / box
10 bolsas/box

10 Kg/box 720Kg/ pallet