UVESA Certified with Animal welfare


UVESA Certified with Animal Welfare

  • AENOR has granted the Uvesa Group the WELFARE ™ Animal Welfare Seal in our poultry farms and processes.
  • Therefore, we ensure compliance with the 4 Criteria of the Animal Welfare Seal to offer better products to our consumers.


When it comes to good accommodation, it must be considered that the animals are comfortable in the resting area, that they can move freely when they wish (ease of movement) and that they are in conditions of thermal comfort (protected from cold and heat ).


With regard to good health, it is analyzed that there is absence of disease, injury and pain produced by the management itself.


In the case of good nutrition, it is taken into account that the animals are not hungry or prolonged thirst (that which goes beyond reasonable hunger and thirst before eating and drinking). For this, the body condition can be considered, which is evaluated one by one in a previously decided sample of animals; and the availability of drinking fountains with fresh, clean and abundant water, and sufficient flows.


The appropriate behavior parameter is evaluated the social behavior criterion (where aggressive behaviors between animals are observed), man-animal relationship (fear of animals to man), other important behaviors for the species.