Certified Yellow Chicken

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New range of Uvesa: Certified Chicken “Pollo Antaño Uvesa”  is our chicken certificate of slow growth and 100% vegetable. You will enyoy a tastier and more tender authentic flavor that reminds us of the traticional chicken.

100% vegetable food: based on cereals (corn, wheat and barley) with contributions of vitamin and minerals.
Feeding with corn that gives the yellow tonality.

100% certified total quality: All audited and controlled by external certification company “Premiumcert” so it processes total traceability at all stages of the product.


100% slow growth due to the selected race that allows a period of raising minimum 56 days: the best lineage to offer the best product
Tastier meat and terna: careful feeding, the selected breed of slow growth and careful treatment in farm gives a traditional flavour that reminds us of old chicken
100% Uvesa as vertical integration: total Control of the egg up to your table and raised on certified farms