Quality since always

Commitment to the clients and consumers: 

  • The commitment to our customers and consumers is to produce safe and quality products.
  • Our commitment is to offer quality products meeting stringent food safety standards and animal welfare at national and European level. Healthy commitment is a goal of our day to satisfy our consumers and customers.
  • Uvesa is committed to launching in the market for quality products for our customers and consumers.

Certified commitment at national and international level

Our main objective is the development of quality food for human consumption. We have endeavored to get important certificates at national and international level, to officially recognize the high level of food safety we offer from our company.

The certifications that attest to our commitment to total quality are:

BRC Certification in  (British retail Consortium): Bird processing plants  Málaga, and Rafelbuñol.

IFS Certification International Food Standard in Bird processing plants  Cuellar, Málaga, Tudela and Rafelbuñol,  and Processed factory (Burgos).

ISO 14001 Certification in  Tidela Málaga and Rafelbuñol.

Halal certification

Processing plants are prepared to make Halal chicken and products under these premises will be labelled as such.

Quality policy, Environment, Food safety and Health at work

Policy Uvesa (Quality and Food Safety, Customer Orientation, Quality Culture, Enviroment, Occupational Health and Safety, Communication and Animal Welfare)

The policy, and the commitment of UVESA, is based on:

  • Customer orientation and satisfaction.
  • Food safety and product quality.
  • Culture of quality and food safety.
  • Commitment to the environment.
  • Commitment to the safety and health of workers.
  • Communication.
  • Animal welfare throughout the animal’s life.

Our management system is based on ISO standards for quality management, environmental management and management and health and safety at work, and the benchmarks “International Food Standard” (IFS) and “British Retail Consortium (BRC)” for the management of food safety.

For UVESA, customer satisfaction is a priority, as it seeks the “quality of product and service. The aim is to provide products and service that meets the requirements and expectations of the customer. Furthermore, guaranteeing quality, food safety and compliance with the legislation applicable to our activities, products and services, and respecting at all times the environment and the health and safety of our workers.

Our main motto is to assure our customers that our products are made with the desired level of quality, and comply with the requirements and/or applicable standards and legislation, being safe, legal and authentic products.

UVESA’s commitment is to reduce the environmental impact of the activity, maintaining a preventive approach that favours the environment.

Because of our commitment to the environment, development is not understood if it is not linked to the concept of “sustainability”.

This is why our responsibility towards the environment makes it a priority:

Prevent pollution and continuously improve our environmental performance.
Knowing and complying with the legislation that applies to our activities, products and services.
The objective each year is to improve the different environmental aspects, although this is not always possible. For the year 2022, we will highlight the main aspects that have significantly increased or decreased compared to the average of the previous two years (2020-2021).

At the end of each year, part of these environmental aspects (consumption, discharges, waste and emissions) are reported to the competent authorities by means of the PRTR Declaration, annual PR and RNP Declarations, etc. During the year 2023, work will mainly be carried out to try to adjust the highest consumption levels.