Vertical integration

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Total control from the farm to your table

Uvesa group controls the whole process so we offer all our vertical integration processes from egg to the point of sale:

    • Select cores mothers rearing and breeding.
    • Start control farms, hatcheries and breeding farms.
    • We made the sacrifice, processing and marketing of the final product.
    • And we provide our customers with all information requested by us, at the level of traceability as any aspect of the production process.

    Complete control of production: from egg to the table

    • Food security through the vertical control in chicken production.
    • We guarantee full control of production from the farm to your table to offer the best chicken meat.


    The cereals

    The cereals arrive to the feed mills where our nutritionists made diets balanced for feeding our birds in each of the phases of their growth.

    Breeder hens

    Since the birth of breeding hens, we worry that their environmental conditions, hygiene and health are optimal and get an egg of maximum quality. The lineage of our chickens with Cobb and Ross strains that are high meat production.

    Incubation centers

    To our incubation centers reach the selected eggs from which, after 21 days, the chicks will be born.

    Breeding farms

    To our breeding farms newborn chickens, where they will stay about 48 days are transported. All his food, medicines and sanitary growth is controlled by our veterinarians to obtain a homogeneous and provide food security at all times quality.

    Poultry processing plants

    Products are prepared according to the presentations and formats requested by our customers. The products are always controlled by the Quality Department and are manufactured in compliance with the specifications of each of our clients.

    Quality products

    Uvesa is committed to launching in the market for quality products for our customers and consumers. And with full control of production from the farm to your table, we are able to offer the best chicken.