Group Uvesa starts up its new ship at the Tudela bird processing plant

UVESA Group has completed the construction of its new warehouse in Tudela (Navarra) dedicated to the processing of poultry products, specifically chicken legs. The building has 900 m2 on one floor and includes a loading dock and a communications rack between the new warehouse and the central area of ​​the factory. The investment has been two million euros and will involve the creation of 20 new jobs that will be added to around 600 workers that the company has in this factory in the riverside capital.

The new building will be dedicated exclusively to the processing of chicken legs, both for fresh and frozen, which will be marketed in the national and international market. The facility has the capacity to process the legs of one and a half million weekly chickens.

Investment and improvement

In the last 10 years, UVESA has allocated more than 50 million euros to the expansion and improvement of its infrastructure in the area of ​​Tudela. It is worth noting the investment in the processing plant of the Montes de Cierzo estate which involved an investment of close to 30 million euros. Also noteworthy is the construction – with a cost of 10 million euros – of a new incubator in the Agrifood City, with a production capacity of 1.1 million chicks from one day a week.

About UVESA Group

UVESA Group is one of the leading chicken producers in Spain and occupies leading positions in the pig and feed manufacturing segments. In its poultry area, the company has an incubation room in Tudela (Navarra), a processing plant in Casarrubios del Monte (Toledo), poultry farms (breeding and breeding) integrated throughout Spain, four poultry processing plants in Tudela (Navarra), Malaga, Cuellar (Segovia) and Rafelbuñol (Valencia), as well as two commercial delegations of poultry products in Bilbao and Getafe. The three feed factories are located in Alcácer (Valencia), Tudela (Navarra) and Valladolid.