Grupo Uvesa acquires Cobur’s production unit in Montes de la Abadesa for 7.75 million euros

After having received the approval of the Commercial Court No. 1 of Burgos a month ago and having the support of the bankruptcy administrator and the partners.

UVESA’s offer guarantees the current 26 jobs and the medium-term recovery of the incubator’s activity, currently closed

The strategic plan contemplates increasing the production of the feed mill in the very short term, with the incorporation of a second shift, to improve efficiency and optimize.

UVESA Group has acquired the Productive Business Unit of the Burgos Poultry and Livestock Cooperative (COBUR). The transaction, which for a month has had the approval of the Commercial Court No. 1 of Burgos, has been formalized today with the signature of the bankruptcy administrator designated for the adjudication process, Carlos Cameno, the cooperative partners of COBUR and the president of Grupo UVESA, Antonio Sánchez.To carry out the operation, UVESA will pay a total of 7.75 million euros and will launch a new business plan that will guarantee the viability of the project and the maintenance of its current 26 jobs.

This initiative will also require an additional effort on the part of UVESA, which in the very short term plans to expand the production of the feed factory with the start-up of a second work shift; as well as the recovery, in the medium term, of the incubator’s activity, currently stopped. In addition, the company already has several alternatives to make use of the rest of the assets and facilities, with the aim of capturing the greatest possible number of synergies for the Group as a whole and simultaneously strengthening the efficiency of this production unit.

The assets awarded to UVESA are located in the Polígono Industrial Monte de la Abadesa, where COBUR has different facilities, among which are a slaughterhouse with freezing (currently decommissioned), a multipurpose warehouse, a feed factory, a incubation, a ham dryer and a general services building. Neither the La Despensa stores nor the COBUR breeding farms and estates are included in the award, which are part of another sale process that remains open, although unrelated to this Productive Unit of Monte de la Abadesa. 

According to Antonio Sánchez, president of UVESA, “since the insolvency adjudication process of these COBUR assets began in April 2020, we have always worked with the aim of making a differential proposal that would add value to this cooperative already Burgos and that, in parallel, would allow us to continue strengthening our leadership. After passing all the procedures required during the bankruptcy process, the acquisition of the Monte de la Abadesa Productive Unit is now a reality, and the first step to fulfill the commitment we have acquired: to boost your business, improve your competitiveness and guarantee your activity. and that of all their jobs ”. 

According to Tasio Martín, president of COBUR, “UVESA’s commitment is a commitment to the future that allows us, from now on, to work on a new, much larger and more ambitious project, by becoming part of a company that has a history of more than 50 years and occupying leadership positions in the meat sector. A company that we know well, with which we have collaborated for years and that has already helped us in the past, when in 2018, after the closure of our slaughterhouse and cutting room, they were responsible for the slaughter of our chicken production in their Segovian facilities in Cuéllar ”. For Martín, “now we are starting a new stage. And although we do it at a very complex time, we are convinced to approach it with the best of the partners, who will provide us with the know-how, the synergies and the necessary effort to, together, assume responsibility for this new project be viable and generate wealth in Burgos ”. 

About UVESA Group

With a workforce of 2,000 people, Grupo UVESA is one of the main chicken producers in Spain and occupies leadership positions in the pig and feed manufacturing segments. In its poultry area, the company has an incubation room in Tudela (Navarra), a processing plant in Casarrubios del Monte (Toledo), integrated poultry farms (breeding and breeding) throughout Spain, four poultry processing plants in Tudela (Navarra), Málaga, Cuéllar (Segovia) and Rafelbuñol (Valencia), as well as two commercial delegations of poultry products in Bilbao and Getafe. The three feed factories are located in Alcácer (Valencia), Tudela (Navarra) and Valladolid.