Grupo Uvesa and Españaduero agree on the financing of poultry and pork facilities

October 25, 2017.- The general director of the Uvesa Group, Raúl Gómez Arranz, and Macarena García Plaza, representing EspañaDuero, were in charge of signing the agreement through which the bank will finance the construction of holdings for breeding and for the production of pigs. The investments are made through the integration system.

These investments will be made through the so-called integration system. It is a contract between two parties: Uvesa provides animals, feed, medicines and technical assistance, as well as the commercialization of production, and the other part, the farmer, contributes land, facilities and labor, committing himself to care and maintenance of livestock.

EspañaDuero will offer advances of subsidies, mortgage loans for construction of facilities under special conditions, as well as its wide range of products and financial services aimed at farmers.