Grupo Uvesa is committed to green energy in collaboration with Grupo Enhol

Grupo Uvesa, which has been committed for years to the sustainability of its productions, takes anocher step forward in its “green energy” with the installation of solar panels to supply its incubation room in the Industrial Park of the “Ciudad Agroalimentaria de Tudela”. This action is part of Uvesa’s enviromental commitment, which addresses the energy transition by focusin on solar energy as an allí to optimize the efficiency of its centes, this being the firs of several proyects to be carried out.

Thanks to this solution, Grupo Uvesa will consume the solar energy captured by the photovoltaic modules, thus reducing its enviromental footprint. The power of the installation is 463 KW, with a production of more than 621,573 KWh/year, which cover 24% of the electricity demand of this center.

In addition, this investment will allow UVESA to reduce its volume of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 115 tons, reducing its carbon footprint, specifically indirect or scope 2 emissions, which are those derived from the consumption of electricity from the grid.

For Raúl Gómez, General Director of the UVESA Group, “this decision is one more pillar of the commitment to sustainability that, as a Group, we want to implement in our production centers and also the natural continuation of other measures that respect the environment such as the implementation of of heat pumps, the reuse of waste, the introduction of liquefied gas or the reduction of water consumption and its purification ”.


Inver Management, an engineering company of the Enhol Group, specializing in industrial self-consumption systems, is in charge of the start-up of this self-consumption energy installation of renewable origin. It is a turnkey project that includes engineering, execution, commissioning of the installation, monitoring system and maintenance. According to Ismael García, director of the Solar Department of the Enhol Group, “in recent years, electricity self-consumption based on photovoltaic generation has been the key to a new energy model that has its spearhead in the business fabric”.