Grupo Uvesa participates in a project that aims to raise 100 million euros from the European Next Generation fund

Grupo UVESA works, together with seven other member companies of Vitartis (Association of the Food Industry of Castilla y León), in the elaboration of a PERTE (Strategic Project for the recovery and economic transformation) for the agri-food sector at the national level, which opts to obtain financing from the Next Generation Program with an initial investment of more than 100 million euros.

For Raúl Gómez, CEO of Grupo UVESA, “involvement in this type of project must be a priority for all actors in the agri-food sector, consistent with our commitment to the European Green Pact and for the sustainability of our own industry.” And he adds: “An organization like UVESA, with more than half a century of projection and sustained growth, cannot lose sight of the real needs of the society in which it develops at any time”.

With this alliance -and within the European strategy From the Farm to the Table: Challenges and Opportunities of the Agricultural Sector that advocates the assurance of sustainable food production- an initiative is promoted that was born with the vocation of integrating the entire chain of value. The project, therefore, is open to other companies and promotes the management of good agricultural practices in the field of primary production; reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides and the dependence on feed materials; the modulation of external dependency through the regulation of logistics centers; the development of novel plant-based products to promote healthy eating; as well as the increase in organic production. In addition, it aims to increase the use of vegetable protein from European crops and alternative raw materials both in animal feed and for aquaculture (algae, larval biomass, bioeconomy by-products -fish waste-, etc.) and the expansion of the product offer. based on vegetable protein.


Group Grupo UVESA is one of the main chicken producers in Spain and occupies leadership positions in the pig and feed manufacturing segments. In its poultry area, the company has an incubation room in Tudela (Navarra), a processing plant in Casarrubios del Monte (Toledo), integrated poultry farms (breeding and breeding) throughout Spain, four poultry processing plants in Tudela (Navarra), Málaga, Cuéllar (Segovia) and Rafelbuñol (Valencia), as well as two commercial delegations of poultry products in Bilbao and Getafe. The three feed factories are located in Alcácer (Valencia), Tudela (Navarra) and Valladolid.