Grupo Uvesa will invest 12 millions euros in the construction of a feed factory in CAT Tudela
  • After formalizing today the reservation of a 21,000 m2 plot in the Agrifood City of Tudela 
  • With a maximum production capacity of 30,000 tons per month, it will generate 15 direct and 40 indirect jobs 
  • In the last decade, it has invested more than 36 million euros in Ribera Navarra and more than 63 million during the last 15 years.

The Vice President of the Government of Navarra, José María Ayerdi, and the President of the UVESA Group, Antonio Sánchez, today signed the reservation of some 21,084 m2 plots in the Agrifood City of Tudela (CAT). The signed lands, which correspond specifically to plots No. 2.1 to 2.7 (ai), will be used for the construction of a new feed factory, which will provide Grupo UVESA with a productive capacity of 30,000 tons per month, and which will complement the 12,000 tons per month that it currently produces at its facilities in Tudela. 

For the development of this new project, Grupo UVESA plans to invest 12 million euros, a figure that confirms the investment commitment that the company has maintained since its foundation with the Ribera Navarra and that, in the last decade alone, has exceeded 36 million euros. euros. In addition, this initiative will generate 15 new direct jobs, to which must be added another 40 indirect ones, derived from logistics and the maintenance and raw material needs of future facilities, as well as employment to carry out the works planning and construction. 

The new facilities will generate a low environmental impact thanks to the use of the resources that CAT makes available to the companies that make up its food complex. In fact, it will be supplied with heat through its Central of Common Infrastructures, which allows optimizing the consumption of the existing production centers in the Agrifood City of Tudela through a clear commitment to sustainable growth. In addition, thanks to the joint services offered by CAT, UVESA will have significant savings in general, security and guarantee of energy supply 24 hours a day with a contingency plan, as well as numerous synergies derived from the concentration of the entire value chain in a single “City”. 

According to Antonio Sánchez, president of UVESA, “the reservation of the plots that we have made today shows the commitment that we have always had with our land, from which we have been able to promote our growth and leadership. And also our support for CAT, an initiative that we have been part of since 2015 and that, without a doubt, is helping to strengthen our sector and that must be key to improving our competitiveness and building, among all its actors, an Agrifood Chain each more sustainable and efficient ”.

UVESA’s commitmentt to La Ribera

Precisely, Grupo UVESA has had an incubation room also located in CAT since 2015, which has a maximum capacity of 1.1 million chicks per week and in which 30 people currently work. But, in addition, the company, which has its headquarters and central offices in Tudela, also has a workforce of more than 750 people in the Ribera, distributed among its different facilities: chicken processing plant, feed factory, incubation rooms , experimental chicken and pig farms, laboratories.