Production of certified yellow chicken Uvesa (Prado Vega) 

April 2015– Group Uvesa has incorporated the raising of chicken yellow certificate in their Prado-Vega (Cuéllar, Segovia) poultry processing plant. The company has been certified through the independent agency LDG-CER this full range and its first batch are already on the market.

With this complete new range, UVESA goes one step further in its commitment to diversification. In this particular case, Certificated Yellow Chicken UVESA is a chicken “100% vegetable” with a food throughout the breeding process that guarantees a minimum of 65% cereals (maize, mainly wheat and barley) and also it is reinforced with minerals and vitamin supplementation. Additionally, this new range of vertical integration, maintains a careful supervision, with slow growth of a minimum of 56 days and a lower density chicken farm.

Inaugurated in 1985, the poultry processing plant Prado-Vega (Cuéllar, Segovia) has a slaughter capacity of 240,000 birds per week. At the forefront of R & D + i, this plant is equipped with advanced technology that makes it one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly in its sector, as evidenced by the various certifications that (ISO 9001: 2008 and BRC).