Uvesa and Gourmefood, allies again for a healthy diet to reach 50 schools in Navarra

November 27, 2018.- Grupo Uvesa and the catering company Gourmetfood re-join efforts with the aim of educating the youngest children in healthy and balanced eating habits.

The second edition of the campaign “Live healthy, live happy” is aimed at children and primary school to reach 50 school canteens schools in Navarra. And this year the motto will be used: Good food, real food to raise awareness of how important food is as real as possible.

Through workshops the children will learn in a playful and fun way things like, for example, the amount of sugar that the foods they eat habitually have and why the World Health Organization recommends limiting their consumption. All this using “very visual” information panels that, in addition, will become part of the decoration of the center’s dining room.

During the next months, personnel of the pedagogical department of Gourmetfood will move to the dining rooms to carry out the workshops. At the end of the sessions the students will take home a diptych reminder of the activity with hobbies and a group photo