UVESA and GOURMETFOOD in the final stretch of the first educational project ‘VIVE SANO, VIVE FELIZ’ that reaches 50 centers in Navarra

This annual educational project is aimed at children in Primary and Primary and reaches the final phase with emphasis on the practice of

May 2018-With the aim of transmitting healthy living habits and sport in school canteens, Grupo UVESA continues with the collaboration with GOURMETFOOD, a catering company, through the campaign Vive sano, vivir feliz, an educational project aimed at more of 2,000 children of Infant and Primary of Navarra.

The dynamics, developed in the canteens of 50 educational centers of the regional community, is divided into quarters and by themes and is carried out by the monitors and monitors of Gourmerfood.

For this third and last trimester the motto is Move and have fun. Children and children receive a booklet with information, tips and activities related to sports and a template with the game The crazy roulette. And at the end of the course, a fluorescent strip will be delivered so that they are visible while exercising.