22 December 2015.- Uvesa is one of the sponsors of the ecological ice rink of 120 square meters installed in the town of Cuéllar during Navidades.Patrocina with two other companies the eco-skating rink of 120 m2 promoted by the Ayuntamiento de Cuellar, Segovia main attraction of the town at this time.

This initiative, promoted by the City Council of the town, also has the support of companies Tabuenca S.A. Precooked and Field.

According to Miguel Angel Sanz, director of Uvesa in the area of Castilla y Leon, “Uvesa contribution to boosting the ice rink is for us a unique opportunity to return part of the affection we have always found in Cuéllar”.

The ice rink was inaugurated on December 4 and will remain open until January 7, from 11:00 to 14:00 and 16:30 to 21:30 hours. To date, more than 1,000 people have enjoyed this project, which is the first time that starts in the town of Cuéllar.

Moreover, thanks to its sponsorship, Uvesa held its “special day” in the ice rink with their workers on December 11. Throughout the evening zumba classes, skating and workshops for the little ones were offered, and also the day was used to distribute hot chicken broth with vegetables.

Uvesa is a business group of reference in the food sector and leadership positions in the pig, poultry and feed segments. Since 1985 has the poultry processing plant Prado Vega in the province of Segovia Cuéllar.