May 24, 2016- This campaign has been carried out by Propollo to eliminate false beliefs. The Organization interprofessional of poultry meat of chicken (Propollo), with which collaborates UVESA, sponsors this campaign in which expert nutritionists, veterinarians and industry professionals explain through video interviews, some beliefs, widespread among consumers, about the chicken meat are false.

The campanase focus enseis truths such as the chicken meat has no hormones, is not treated, is a co-product of cereals, is easily digestible, contains a high level of protein, low in fat and is low in cholesterol and of Spanish origin.

Among the professionals who give face by chicken meat is PhD in veterinary medicine and Professor of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Ana Barroeta; doctor of veterinary medicine, José Ignacio Barragán; the Director of Department of nutrition the Faculty of pharmacy of the University Complutense Madrid, Federico Félix.Más, Ana López and the President of Propollo information in six truths about the chicken.

More information en Seis verdades sobre el pollo.