Uvesa Group buys the products for its Christmas hampers from Navarrese suppliers
  • For the second year running, it combines solidarity and quality to support the development of the region’s SMEs.
  • Chocolate, asparagus, cheese, polvorones, honey, wine, beer and oil, among others, make up this year’s assortment.

UVESA Group has decided, for the second consecutive year, have small and medium suppliers of Navarra to supply the 2,770 baskets with which, during the holidays, is given to employees and farmers of the company.

This initiative, called Christmas with Social Impact, pursues a dual objective of solidarity and social development. First, because in this way Uvesa contributes to the growth of small family businesses in Navarre for which the volume of the order is an important economic boost. In addition, from UVESA Group believe that the project is a great platform to present local production to potential consumers of proximity. All this, without forgetting the high quality of food, produced in many cases, handmade.


This is how it is, for example, in the Obrador Antonio Anaut (Olite and Tafalla), a family business founded in 1939 to which the UVESA project allows it “to be present at the table of many people”. They know the importance of the time shared around it “with those we love, because living good times is also health”. Hence their polvorones are part of the UVESA Group baskets.

In the same way as canned asparagus from El Juncal (Fitero); chocolate with oil from Finca La Boquera (Cadreita); honey from the Monasterio de Tulebras; Malón de Echaide Crianza 2018 wine from Bodegas Malón de Echaide (Cascante); craft beer from Librería Letras a la taza (Tudela); cardoon from Conservas Medrano (Tudela) and “El Chulico” cheese from Lácteos las Tres Sierras (Cintruénigo). In addition, UVESA provides chorizo, fuet and salami from its new range of chicken sausages Alpico.