Uvesa Group has sponsored the Alevín team that has played the previous phase of the championship of Spain futsal room

6 junio 2017 -The initial phase of the Championship of Spain alevin football room, has been organized by Ribera Navarra FS and sponsored by the Group UVESA, has been held the days 2, 3 and 4 June in Tudela.

  • The previous phase took place last weekend in Tudela and has been organized by Ribera Navarra Fs.

The team Uvesa Ribera Navarra has played against the champions of Catalonia (FC Barcelona), Comunidad Valenciana (Advertising Aspe), Andalusia (CD Viator) and Aragón (Ríos Renovables Azulejos Moncayo).
After the dispute of 10 parties has managed to qualify for the following phase Club CD Viator, who managed to win the four games played. Now will play the final phase on June 17 and 18 in Murcia.