Uvesa Group joins the European project ‘LIFE MCUBO’ to reduce water consumption

15 novembre 2017. Grupo UVESA collaborates in its facilities with the European project LIFE MCUBO whose objective is to optimize the consumption of water and energy in the food industry and reduce the environmental impact associated with its management.

It is a European initiative to minimize the environmental impact associated with water management in the food industry

The plan has already been implemented in three companies belonging to the subsectors that consume the most water in the food industry, meat (UVESA), canned vegetables (GVTARRA) and drinks and juices (PEPSICO IBERIA).

Uvesa -one of the leading companies in the production and processing of chicken at the national level, in fresh, frozen and processed products, to which we must add the pig and feed business lines- has wanted to collaborate in this initiative to demonstrate that Reducing the consumption of water and energy, far from opposing the improvement of the company’s productivity, makes it more profitable and more competitive.

This tool, together with the continuous improvement systems already implemented in Uvesa, will help achieve environmental and productivity improvements. The technologies used by LIFE MCUBO are wireless and non-invasive that measure the productive and environmental efficiency of production processes.

More info: http://lifemcubo.eu/