UVESA Group launches two new ranges of frozen chicken for catering and restaurants.

– The one developed for Catering contains 16 references of frozen chicken pieces and 8 of processed chicken pieces.

– The other is aimed at Foodservice / Catering with 15 references designed for the specific needs of each client. 

– Both ranges are produced in plants UVESA Group has in Burgos and Cuellar (Segovia)

UVESA Group, Navarre company specializing in chicken, this year expands its catalogue with two new ranges of frozen chicken for customers of Hospitality and Foodservice / Catering Organized. In total, 39 new references come to market, both pieces of chicken and frozen processed product. This innovation responds to the commitment of UVESA Group by a channel in continuous contact with consumers and, therefore, in continuous evolution. The quality, coupled with the taste and versatility of these new lines allows these channels respond quickly to the needs and current requirements of consumers, facilitating the work of a sector so important to the country’s economy.

For Jesús López, Commercial Director of the Poultry Area, these new lines of work are a “clear example of the firm innovation strategy of Grupo UVESA by virtue of which we implement all our new products with a clear objective: to satisfy our customers quickly, conveniently, efficiently and with high standards of quality and food safety”.

The line developed for Catering offers different formats and weights (bulk in boxes of 3 or 4 kilos and bags of 1 kg) for easy storage; factory calibrated to optimize scandals and menus; and a freezing system in IQF (individual freezing piece by piece) that simplifies handling and helps reduce food waste. In the ready-to-cook products line, there is a wide variety of options such as filleted breasts breaded with garlic and parsley, paprika or curry breast skewers and barbecue wings with or without spicy sauce.

In the case of the Catering line, the offer is adapted to the customer’s needs with options ranging from butterfly cut breast fillet and marinated breast or sirloin to PIRI-PIRI chicken or pre-fried crispy wings with a spicy touch.

Both productions have been assigned to the processing plants that UVESA Group has in Burgos and Cuéllar (Segovia). In addition, it has created its own identity for these lines with the brand and logo Uvesa Foodservice and innovative packaging designs ad hoc. Specifically, the new packaging for this range is 100% recycled and recyclable. The boxes are made from sustainably grown and sourced paper, which is why they carry the FSC seal, a forest management certification that guarantees the preservation of the forest’s biodiversity and benefits local populations and workers.