January 17, 2017.Uvesa Group, started the year by launching Grangenia, its new pig farm located in the town of Herreros de Suso in Avila. According to the promoters themselves, the facility plans to produce 90,000 piglets per year, 45,000 females and a few males of high genetic quality. About fifteen people, living in the area of ​​influence of the farm, work in the facilities that aspires to become a European reference for its innovative technology, sustainable and respectful with the environment. Grangenia has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of Agropecuaria La Serrota S.L and the Uvesa Group who have joined forces to set up an unprecedented project in the livestock sector of our country by creating a pig farm with these characteristics.

The facility, which opened on October 28 in Herreros de Suso (Avila) plans to produce 90,000 piglets a year.

In the construction of Grangenia, the quality of work, respect for the environment and integration in the environment have been paramount. It is also designed to attract a trained and trained population sector, as well as to facilitate work in the facilities and the reconciliation of work and family life. The objective of this multiplication operation is to advance the genetics of The animals, in addition to turning the installations into a reference for sustainable integration.

The first specimens that already enjoy the facilities are 3,000 breeding mothers that come from pork nuclei in Alto Paso (Spain) and Podelzig (Germany). These animals will serve to produce 24,000 sows a year, half of which will be for domestic use and the other half to sell in the Spanish market. All this thanks to the collaboration of PIC (PigImprovement Company), an international leader in superior swine genetics and a world leader in the sector, as one of the companies that invest the most in R + D + i.

Uvesa is a reference Group of the sector of the feeding and with positions of leadership in the pig, poultry and feed segments. Its main activity is the production of Broiler meat, made at its poultry processing plants in Segovia, Navarre, Malaga and Valencia. It also produces pork and in its factories of Tudela in Navarre, Alcácer of Valencia, Malaga and Valladolid, all the necessary feed is elaborated for the internal consumption of both chickens and pigs.

Agropecuaria La Serrota S.L is an Aulian company that is dedicated to the production of piglets mainly and has presence in the municipalities of Muñogalindo, Santa María del Arroyo, Solosancho, Donjimeno and Villanueva de Gómez through Avicogan S.L.