8 March 2017. With the continuous aim of promoting sport and healthy life among the youngest, Grupo UVESA maintains for the fifth consecutive year the sponsorship of the Jai-Alai (cesta-punta)  Club in Cabanillas (Navarra).

  • Several of his players have debuted as professionals in pediments in the United States

 The Jai-Alai club of Cabanillas organizes every year the Interescuelas Tournament in which 11 and 12 year olds from Euskadi, Navarre and France participate. This competition, which on May 13, 2017 marks its 30th anniversary, is one of the oldest and highest level in the amateur field in the speciality of cesta punta.

To this day Cabanillas Jai Alai has won eight Absolute Spain Championships, four Sub-Championships, two European Championships and three Open Absolutes. From Uvesa, we congratulate the work of this club of punta tip and the obtained achievements and that will obtain thanks to its effort.