18 de noviembre de 2017.Grupo Uvesa begins to collaborate with the new commissary service of the social dining room Villa Javier de Tudela that will allow families in need of the riverbank capital to buy basic foods. Under this agreement Uvesa will donate chicken periodically to supply ‘El Capacico’. Uvesa Group will periodically donate chicken to the new commissary service for disadvantaged families

El Capacico’, the second strategic project of the Tudela Foundation in Villa Javier, is a supermarket with a bonus system that will try to reach 50 families. Each family will be assigned one day of the week to come and fill their shopping cart with the basic foods available. Up to now the Villa Javier dining room has offered 17,618 meals between January and September at an average of 32.3 diners a day.

Of them, which make up a total of 241 people, about 90 are in transit and were users of a single day and the rest, 151, used the service several weeks or months.

In addition to giving meals, the volunteers who work at the center offer other services such as Spanish classes, legal and psychological counseling, socio-professional guidance, play library or hairdressing to more than 80 people.