Uvesa Group supports the III March 10km in Rafelbuñol

The UVESA Group, continuing its commitment to the promotion of healthy habits and sports, sponsors the III 10K Rafelbunyol to be held in this Valencian town next Sunday, October 6. The race is organized by the Club d’Atletisme Rafel and the City Council of Rafelbunyol.

This 10km race is included in the II Circuit of L’Horta Nord which is celebrated for the second consecutive year and, on this occasion, groups 11 races that will be held in municipalities of the region of l’Horta Nord and are expected to attract about 800 people The municipalities whose careers are part of the circuit are Albalat dels Sorells, Emperor, Foios, Massalfassar, Massamagrell, Meliana, Museros, Pobla de Farnals, El Puig, Puçol and Rafelbunyol.

The main objective of this test is to promote popular athletics in Rafelbunyol, as well as to promote sport as a means to improve health at all ages. In the same way it will serve to attract people from other locations to get closer and get to know Rafelbunyol. The two previous editions of the 10K Rafelbunyol were a success of participation because they had 600 enrolled in the absolute category and more than 150 minors in the children’s races.