April 11, 2016.– UVESA Group has for the fourth consecutive year sponsoring the Club of jai alai Jai-Alai Cabanillas (Navarra). The aim is to promote the sport of this beautiful and spectacular sport.

Jai-Alai Cabanillas (Navarra) club organizes the past 26March 27th and the 29th Interschool Tournament which involved children aged 11 and 12 yearsof Gernika, Zumaia, Noain, Mutriku, Markina, Vitoria and Hondarribia. This competition is one of the oldest and highest in the amateur field the ball in the form of jai alai. This year players Zumaia, Unax Yeregi and Luken Aizpurua, were made with the txapelas.

From Uvesa we commend the work done by this club jai alai and achievements and they will get through their hard work.