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Areas of Activity

Uvesa Group > Areas of Activity

Poultry farming area: vertical control of production always.


All production processes are integrated vertically. And poultry Division is one of the most important Areas of activity of our company.

Currently Grupo Uvesa is one of the main chicken producers in Spain and also works internationally.

Wide range of poultry products.

We offer to customers in Retail, Foodservice and industry a wide range of fresh products, frozen and made of white chicken with yellow chicken certified that are adapted to the needs that requires national and international market at all times.

We are able to provide the best solutions to the requests of our customers in the development and adaptation of production.

Our plants have modern technical facilities, complex systems of automation and strict controls on the development of all its processes, allowing th

em to be recognized by important international certifications, both at the level of quality and food safety.

We offer customers a wide range of fresh, frozen, and processed, adapted to the needs that required the market in every moment.

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Pigs area: we provide pigs to major industrial chains in the Spanish meat sector.

The protocol operation of our pork division is marked by product traceability, food safety and compliance with the extensive legislation on animal welfare.

We use different types of feed and animal genetics, adjusted according to market needs. The quality of the raw material we produce has placed us as one of the most popular companies nationwide.

We have a fully integrated system of own facilities, specialized by function:

  • Insemination centers
  • Farms producing piglets (genetic nucleus built), which meet strict European standards Animal Welfare.
  • Feedlots.

We offer national distribution from the two geographical areas traditionally nurturers of pigs:

  • Navarroaragonesa area and surrounding provinces
  • Castellanoleonesa area
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Feed Area: thorough control of raw materials

The quality of the meat from which we manufacture our products depends largely on the composition of the food we provide our animals.

Nutrition departments of our group work closely with purchasing and control for manufacturing raw feed to provide a full supply of nutrients and ensure a healthy and balanced growth materials.

Our manufacturing animal feed feature the latest technologies and production processes are strictly regulated through specific audits.

We have extensive expertise in this field for over 50 years, which has enabled us to develop an excellent team of professionals. These provide advice to farmers and work closely with our R + D + i to develop new products and meet the continuous demands of the market.

Healthy and safe feeding birds
All raw materials and compound feed follow a system of traceability and quality controls which ensure a natural, healthy and safe food.

In the Group Uvesa elaborate consuming we feed our animals, allowing us to tailor nutrition to the needs of each moment and offer the consumer a product of excellent quality.

The feed used in poultry is perfectly adapted to the physiological needs presented animals in each of its stages of growth.

Compound feed are composed of the following components:

  • Cereales, la base de la alimentación animal, principalmente trigo, cebada y maíz.
  • Cereal based animal feed, mainly wheat, barley and maize.
  • As protein source mainly vegetable sources, soybean, sunflower or rapeseed and synthetic amino acids that ensure correct protein balance are used.
  • Fats and oils; palm oil, soybean oil and butter.
  • Macro minerals like calcium, phosphorus and sodium, necessary for metabolism and bone mineralization.
  • Vitamin-mineral supplement, in addition to the vitamins and minerals needed for growth adapting may include other additives that improve intestinal function and animal welfare.