UVESA is committed to health and will install defibrillators in its Tudela, Cuéllar, Rafelbuñol and Málaga plants
8 October 2018- The training course has started at the Tudela plant and will be extended to the rest of the 3 plants during the months of October and November.
The four Bird Processing plants that the UVESA Group has in Tudela, Málaga, Cuéllar and Rafelbuñol will have a DESA (semi-automatic external defibrillator), a portable electronic resuscitation device in case of cardiorespiratory arrest. The use of this device is simple and can save lives.

The learning period for its correct use began on October 3 at the Tudela plant with an eight-hour training course for a team composed of ten people from different departments of the company. The workers, who practiced CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) with a mannequin to enhance their skills and abilities in a real situation, received the title “Basic life support course and use and management of defibrillators”

The company IBEROCARDIO is in charge of offering these training days that will take place in the four processing plants of Aves between the months of October and November. After this period of apprenticeship, Grupo UVESA will receive the EFormation badge that will prove its commitment to the health of people and corporate social responsibility.