UVESA LAUNCHES ITS NEW RANGE ” Pollo Antaño” (Certified chicken 100% vegetal)

It is chicken certified slow growth and 100% vegetable food. Fully certified by Eurofins

October 11, 2017.- Grupo Uvesa has incorporated into its activity the “Pollo Antaño”, a slow-growing chicken whose breeding is certified by the independent company Eurofins. In addition, the certified Chicken of UVESA is a 100% vegetable chicken because it feeds on corn, which gives it the yellow tint, and of wheat, barley and vitamin and mineral inputs.

With this new range, developed in fresh and frozen, UVESA goes one step further in its commitment to diversification. In addition to this, this new range of vertical integration maintains a careful supervision, with a slow growth due to the selected breed that allows a fattening period of 56 days to offer a high quality product and fully certified by the external company Eurofins.