SOLOMILLO EXTRATIERNOS finas hierbasApril 11, 2016- Uvesa has launched The Extratiernos of Uvesa, ten new  produced under its brand Uvesa: Wings grilled flavor, fine herbs Wings, Extratender Wings, Inner fillet with herbs, Inner fillet grilled flavori, Extratender Inner fillet, filleted chicken breast with herbs, roasted flavor filleted chicken breast, Extratender  filleted chicken breast and Extratender strips breast.

With this new range, Uvesa reinforces its commitment to innovation, to adapt to consumer trends. In this case, the ten new releases chicken respond to their needs through high quality and further elaboration, by adding spices and seasonings, timesaving consumers and facilitate their preparation and consumption.

The Extratiernos of Uvesa are chicken meat products adapted to current needs, allowing fast cooked grilled, fried or baked. A different flavors also adds a tender and juicy texture, thanks to its careful process.