may 6, 2016.-Uvesa leads the consortium of the Avanza-S project, which aims to research and experimental development of new healthier food and advanced packaging.

avanza-The project is funded by the Center for the Industrial technological development (CDTI) through the strategic program of consortia of national business research (CIEN) and promoted by the Ministry of economy and Competitividad of Spain.

During four years will explore new ways to move toward healthier diets, reducing losses and food waste and increase the efficiency in the use of resources and the sustainability of the resulting sector.

Como will be new ranges of fresh and processed meat products healthier, new ingredients of high nutritional or functional value, new advanced Active or biodegradable packaging and combinations of new foods, ingredients and advanced packaging. The Consortium is composed of 6 companies with experience in R &D and brings together three sectors of great importance for the Spanish economy as the meat sector, functional ingredients and packaging food.

UVESA leads a project for the research of new food more healthy and packaging AVANZADOS