Uvesa Málaga participates in the solidarity event “Spreading illusions”

The initiative exchanges rations of paella for toys that are then distributed among the families with less resources of the municipality

One more year -and there are four- UVESA Málaga has wanted to put its grain of sand in the realization of the solidarity event Spreading illusions thanks to which toys are collected for the most disadvantaged children in the municipality. UVESA Málaga has donated the 15 kilos of chicken with which the paella is made.

Under the motto You bring a toy, we give you a plate of rice on December 14, the Benyamina school in Torremolinos (Málaga) exchanged hundreds of rations of paella for as many toys that on Kings Day will be distributed among families with less local resources. And thanks to everyone’s collaboration, more than 400 toys go to Caritas thanks to the organization and enthusiasm of CEIp Beyamina.