UVESA participates in the CSR conference on the Ribera Navarra and receives the “Villa Javier” food Recognition Seal

28th September 28, 2018.- Grupo UVESA has participated in the round table Social innovation in the Navarre company within the framework of the work day on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). in the Ribera Navarra and its impact on society, organized by the EDER Consortium and the Tudela Foundation in the riverside capital. And they have participated in total 5 companies of the agri-food sector is this day to explain their strategies and challenges in CSR.

Throughout the day of work held on Friday, September 28, has reflected on the Corporate Social Responsibility from several points of view, including the experiences of solidarity of companies like UVESA that collaborates with the NGO Villa Javier-El Capacico delivering chicken for your dining and self-service project.

Knowing the importance of the participation of companies in the area in these solidarity projects, M º Luz Murillo, responsible for Export of the UVESA Group has stated that “Consumers increasingly want to know more about our social and environmental behavior. healthy products that reach as many people as possible. “

And at the end of the day the Food Recognition Seal “Villa Javier” was given to the 5 companies as all of them actively participate in donating their products to the self-service El capacico which is a solidarity project of Villa Javier that is developed and managed in Tudela In order to provide a healthy diet to people in need, Uvesa collaborates on a regular basis since this project began on November 10, 2017 and has signed a collaboration agreement to continue donating product.