Uvesa presents its sustainability report

Since 2009, Uvesa is involved in a process of reflection and commitment in order to progressively implement criteria of social responsibility in its strategy, its planning and management.

The goal is to move forward together on the path of sustainability and we have the support of the Department of innovation, Enterprise and employment of the Governm

ent of Navarra and the Foundation Center for environmental resources of Navarre (CRANA).

Uvesa has made its first sustainability report. This report is a tool of communication of CSR (CorporateSocial responsibility) of our poultry plant in Tudela (Navara) and we will spread it to all our stakeholders as a result of our work and commitment for sustainability in our business. See memory sustainability Uvesa 

La transparency is an essential component of this new vision of our company and is for this reason that we offer you here – available to our employees, customers, suppliers and the wider society of which we are part-relevant information about our activity and our plans for the future