UVESA leads the Avanza-s project for the development of healthier foods and advanced packaging

October 8, 2018-The Board of Directors of the Center for Industrial Technological Development of the Ministry of Economy (CDTI) has certified the second milestone of the Avanza-S project “Research and experimental development of new healthier foods and advanced packaging” within the framework of the CIEN program (Strategic of National Enterprise Research Consortium).

Grupo Uvesa leads this initiative formed by a national consortium with seven partners in which some of the most important companies of our country in the agri-food, ingredients and packaging sectors are present. This consortium, led by UVESA, is made up of ElPozo Alimentación, Bandesur Alcalá, BTSA Applied Biotechnologies, Moteloeder, Nurel and SP Group. In addition, 11 research organizations participate, including universities and research centers.

The objective of the study, which has an investment of 7 million euros in four years, is to investigate the obtaining of new ingredients for the food industry as well as new packaging that allows obtaining healthier meat products that meet the demands of consumers and public authorities in matters of health and sustainability.

In this second year of work, Grupo UVESA has maintained its objectives of investigating different strategies to improve the nutritional profile of its products as well as to test containers to extend their useful life or to be more sustainable. In the field of nutritional improvements, UVESA has investigated the inclusion of a naturally occurring substance of high nutritional value in the experimental feed for chicken broiler, studying its repercussion in the meat obtained from these animals, as well as in the elaborated fresh of chicken.

He has also worked on the use of various healthier alternatives of natural origin or other compounds with antimicrobial and / or antioxidant effects, mainly in chicken products. He has also tested new containers developed by companies of the consortium within the framework of the project.