Uvesa sponsors Club Pilota Marquesat de Alfarp (Valencia)

December 11, 2018.- Uvesa continues with its commitment to bet on sports and healthy living thanks to sponsorships and this new sponsorship will support the sport of hand ball that has great boom in the Valencian Community.

The Pilota Club Ovocity Marquesat B, sponsored by Grupo UVESA together with other companies, was proclaimed last December 2nd champion in the category of the silver division of the Grand Prize Edicom of the Interpobles Championship of Galotxa, played in the Valencian town of Meliana. This victory will make it possible for the Club to have two teams next year in the top category of this championship.

Despite playing away from home, the Ovocity Marquesat imposed 70-30 on the Meliana B Autos after dominating the entire game and thanks to the game of its four components, Felix, David, Carlos and Voro who got another trophy for the showcases of the club.

Grupo UVESA sponsors the costumes of the teams that have renewed the long and short trousers both in the teams of the club and in those of the Valencian ball school that currently has 29 students among boys and girls.