World Environment Day: UVESA Group milestones

At UVESA Group we want to join the celebration of World Environment Day by reviewing the most important milestones of our commitment to sustainability and caring for the planet. With all these present and future actions we assume our responsibility in preserving the environment and implementing sustainable practices in all our operations.

  • Sustainable initiatives: Responsible water management

Currently, the UVESA Group has water purification plants in the Burgos complex and in the four poultry processing plants (Cuéllar, Málaga, Rafelbunyol and Tudela) where the latest technologies have been implemented to return water to the environment in the conditions required. receives them.

  • Energy efficiency: Renewable energies and change of lighting to LED

In June 2021, UVESA Group installed solar panels to supply its incubation room in the industrial estate of the Agri-Food City of Tudela (CAT). This action has allowed it to generate 356 clean MWh, reducing its volume of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 145 tons, reducing its carbon footprint, specifically indirect or scope 2 emissions, which are those derived from the consumption of electricity from the network. Likewise, between December 2022 and January 2023, the installation of solar panels at the Valencia plant was completed. So far this year, production at this plant has been 426,063 Kwh, which has prevented the emission of 106,516 Kg of CO2.

UVESA Group has made a significant change in the lighting of several of its centers: Burgos complex, Valladolid feed factory and Tudela poultry processing plant, replacing the old lighting fixtures with high-efficiency LED lights. This improvement not only reduces your energy consumption, but also decreases your carbon footprint and long-term operating costs.

  • Environmental management: ISO 14001 certifications UVESA

Group has the UNE-EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) certification in the poultry processing plants of Tudela and Málaga, Rafelbunyol and Tudela. In 2024, it is planned to begin the implementation of the ISO 14001 system at the UVESA Cuéllar plant. This reinforces its commitment to an effective environmental management system. This certification ensures that its operations comply with international environmental management standards, promoting continuous improvement in its efficiency and sustainability.