Filleted chicken breast in ATM tray

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Filleted chicken breast in ATM tray 

Ref. 2170

Raw material: Traditional chicken breast fillets: Made up of the major and minor pectoral muscles on both sides of the bony structure. Without skin and bone. Subject to automatic filleted. Free of fat, damage, bruising and feathers.



Fresh product, classified as A category according to the 543/2008 Regulation. Shelf life: 10 days after sacrifice date. Storage: Keep refrigerated between 0º and 4ºC. If you need the technical Specification, please ask us through the Customer Service

NºRef: 2170

Format: Tray

Presentation: Barrier tray packaging in different formats, colors and weights. Film heat sealing barrier. Both materials are for food use.

Nº units/container: 6 – 8

Nº container/box: 12

Package measures (mm): 195 x 155 x 45