Products Fresh white chicken

Whole gutted chicken 6 units  (2,050 – 2,250Kg)

Approximate weight: 2.050 – 2.250g/u

Net wieght: 12,3 – 13,5Kg/box


Fresh product, classified as Category A according to Regulation 543/2008. Chicken carcass, thick type, once bled, plucked and gutted. It is presented without legs, without head, without neck, without liver and without gizzard. Clean and free of bumps, bruises and feathers.

Conservation conditions: Keep refrigerated at a temperature between 0º and 4ºC

Format: box

Presentation: Being able to be wrapped in a plastic bag for food use and later packed in plastic boxes or cardboard boxes.

Nº units/box: 6

If you need the quality card, please request it through the Customer Service section


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