Certified Chicken breast in tray

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Certified Chicken breast in tray

Raw Material: Traditional yellow chicken breasts, fed with 65% cereals: composed of the pectoralis major and minor muscles on both sides of the bone structure. No skin and no bone. Clean and free of bumps, bruises and feathers.

Ref. 2503



Characteristics: Fresh product, category A according to Regulation 543/2008. Yellow chicken certificate of slow growth. 100% vegetable diet based on cereals with mineral vitamin complexes. Fed with 65% cereals. Duration of the minimum fattening phase 56 days. Certified by «Premiumcerf». Shelf life: 9 days after sacrifice date. Storage: Keep refrigerated between 0º and 4ºC. If you need the Technical Specification, please ask us throught the Customer Service

NºRef: 2504

Format: Tray

Presentation: Barrier tray packaging in different formats, colors and weights. Film heat sealing barrier. Both materials are for food use.

Nº units/container: 3 – 4

Nº container/box: 10

Approximate weight: 450 – 650g