Alpico’s cured chicken meat has new design and recipe

Alpico’s cured chicken meat has new design and recipe

  • The fat reduction in the chorizo and salchichón has been doubled.
  • The design has been revamped by implementing more sustainable packaging

UVESA Group, Navarre-based company specialising in chicken, keeps all its products under continuous development and the latest optimisation has focused on its range of cured chicken cured meat brand Alpico.
Both chorizo and salchichon Alpico, innovative products that have already attracted the attention of consumers and the food market, return to the shelves with a reduction in the percentage of fat by 40% compared to their conventional counterparts. In the case of fuet, the reduction is 30%.
In addition, both the chorizo and the salchichón have acquired “Extra” quality and continue to be free of gluten and lactose, the latter being the most difficult quality to find among the  on the market. Overall the range of cured sausage Alpico UVESA Group is an ideal product for tapas, sandwiches and even to add to the usual pasta dishes and homemade pizza.

As for the design, with more sustainable materials has sought freshness and greater visibility and readability of the texts to improve the consumer experience, enhancing the healthy values offered by this range.

The 13 references in the Alpico range include sliced chicken chorizo and salchichon in 75 grams blister packs for Retail and 500 grams blister packs for catering. Whole vacuum-packed pieces of 400 grams for Retail and 750 grams and 1.5 kilograms for the traditional channel. The chicken fuet is presented sliced in 65 grams blister packs for the retail channel, in 500 grams blister packs for catering and in 250 grams vacuum-packed whole pieces.