Group Uvesa collaborates with Grefa (Group of rehabilitation of the native fauna and its habitat) in an educational project that will try to reach 12,000 visitors

April 1, 2019.-During 2019 Uvesa will sponsor an environmental awareness project on the Milano Real directed to primary and secondary school children.

UVESA Group has made an agreement with the Autonomous Fauna Rehabilitation Group and its Habitat (GREFA) to finance an environmental awareness project on the Real Milano (Milvus milvus) at the Living Nature Center facilities of GREFA of Majadahonda (Madrid) and within the framework of the educational projects developed there. Both entities seek to strengthen the interest of students for the conservation of nature, research and awareness of the dangers that threaten native wild species. GREFA estimates that some 12,000 people will visit its facilities during this 2019 taking into account the organized visits of schools and weekend groups. In fact, in the months of January and February, 1,494 students have passed through the Living Nature Center.

Among these Primary and Secondary students, GREFA makes known the main threatened species in Spain, the threats that affect the protected wild species, the conservation actions that are developed with these species and the importance of the collaboration of public and private entities in the sustainability of their work.

Thanks to the support of Grupo UVESA in the Milano Real project, a specific signage has been created to explain the biology and ecology of this species, its population and distribution, the difficulties of survival it faces and the actions developed by GREFA to its conservation. In addition, a monographic educational booklet about the Real Milano has been reedited.