Grupo Uvesa presents its novelties in the book “Food of the future”

Published by the Association of the Food Industry of Castilla y León, Vitartis and it is the fourth volume of this biennial collection, it compiles 50 practical examples of innovation in the sector.

Grupo UVESA’s innovative effort is reflected in the new book published by the Castilla y León Food Industry Association (Vitartis) that compiles 50 practical cases of innovation in the Castilla y León agribusiness.

The volume “Alimentos del futuro 2020”, the fourth volume of this biennial collection, brings together over 140 pages the analysis of various experts on the current situation of the agri-food sector and the examples of more than fifty innovative projects, exhibited by 44 partners Vitartis: 36 companies, four universities and as many technology centers.

In the chapter dedicated to UVESA highlights its line of ready-to-eat roasts; the new range of sausages (chorizo, salchichón and fuet) made 100% with chicken meat in various formats (vacuum whole piece and sliced ​​in blisters) and with 20% less fat than their analogues in white layer pork conventional; the extension of the range for barbecue; continuous improvement in the formulations of some products.

In addition, UVESA has more than 300 poultry farms that have the Aenor Conform Animal Welfare seal for the production, slaughter, cutting and packaging of chicken meat. A certification that, for the consumers and clients of Grupo UVESA, represents an added value since the products made from these animals offer a higher quality.

This week, in the online presentation of the book, the president of Vitartis, Beatriz Escudero, insisted that the objective of the association is “to contribute to strengthening our position as a relevant sector and hallmark of Castilla y León, through collaboration competitive and relying on aspects in which we stand out, such as innovation, sustainability and the demanding standards of quality and food safety with which we regularly work ”.

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