Group Uvesa sponsor of the 1st Roller Half Marathon Puentes de Tudela

April 8, 2019.- The UVESA Group, in its commitment to the promotion of sport, has been one of the sponsors of the first edition of the Roller Media-Marathon Bridges of Tudela that took place on Sunday, April 7 at the streets and roads of Tudela.

It has been a success with the great participation of 254 skaters from different points of the national geography. Later, a race for the little ones was held. The half marathon consisted of traveling the 21 kilometers inside the city of Tudela and surroundings and completing it in a maximum time of 75 minutes. The objective has been fulfilled since it was to place Tudela as a benchmark for roller racing.

Aitor Agorreta, young Alava 19 years old, was the first to cross the finish line with a time of 36 minutes. Mikel Faber, of Zizur Mayor, and Adrián García, of Pamplona, ​​occupied the second and third place, respectively. In Women, the fastest was Maite Ancín, who completed more than 21 kilometers in 41 minutes. The second classified was Leire Larrasoain and the third, Maialen Oñate and all of them are from Pamplona.