Success of the workshop “The world of the diminutive”, educational project of Uvesa and Gourmetfood in schools of Navarra

May 10, 2019.- The educational workshop The World of the Tiny is aimed at children and primary school students and is focused on the importance of washing hands well. In the activity will participate from April to early June, 2,000 girls and boys from 50 schools and centers in Navarra from different locations (Tudela, Pamplona, ​​Cascante …).

With the aim of transmitting habits of healthy life and sport among the youngest ones, Grupo UVESA started a collaboration with the catering company GOURMETFOOD since 2017 with the development of educational projects for schoolchildren in Navarra.

Under the tutelage of the center and Gorumetfood monitors, the children will perform a fun and visual experiment that consists of observing the changes that occur in two slices of bread: one handled with dirty hands and the other with the hands clean.

In addition, a brochure has been developed that is given to all school children, with all the information of the project in which we include: the explanation of the experiment, the instructions of how to wash our hands correctly, as well as fun curiosities that we will see in the dining room with the microscopes.