Successful completion of healthy habits workshops reaching 1,200 boys and girls from Navarra

The educational workshops The amount of sugar in the food -developed in the first quarter- and the World of the Diminutive -of the second semester- have concluded with great success after visiting 22 schools in different localities of Navarra and transmitting healthy lifestyle habits to a total of 1,237 students of Infant and Primary. These workshops have been organized by Uvesa and Gourmetfood and carried out by the team of pedagogues and instructors of Gourmetfood in the facilities of the schools and educational centers.

Grupo UVESA began in 2017 a collaboration with the catering company Gourmetfood for the development of educational projects aimed at schoolchildren in Navarra. This is, therefore, the third year in which, through science and through playful activities, the children have been taught the amount of sugar they consume without knowing it, what they can not see of the world of bacteria and The importance of washing hands well several times a day to avoid diseases.


During the meal time and under the tutelage of the center and pedagogues monitors of Gourmetfood, the students have used scales and microscopes, they have carried out experiments and received instructions to wash their hands correctly. The panels of both workshops have been fixed in each dining room so they are present and are part of the decoration of the center.

“We make children aware of the importance of washing their hands several times a day and especially before each meal. We use the microscope to check if they have done well in a fun way and that helps them to become aware. The mold bread experiment consists in the fact that the slice passes through the hands of all of them, then it is placed on the panel and it remains in the dining room. Thus, children see the evolution of bread and, according to their instructors, the first thing they do when they enter is to check how it changes color “, explains one of the pedagogues of the Gourmetfood team.