The educational project “Small gestures that change the world” begins to reach 1,100 children in Navarra

With fun activities, you will raise 1,100 schoolchildren from 25 Navarran schools about the importance of caring for the planet and it is aimed at students of Infant and Primary


With the aim of transmitting healthy habits among the little ones, Grupo UVESA started three years ago a collaboration with the catering company Gourmetfood. His latest joint initiative is an educational project, aimed at Infant and Primary students entitled Small gestures that change the world. In order to develop the project to 25 educational centers in Navarra in different locations to be disseminated to some 1,100 children.

Under this motto, the importance of caring for the planet with small daily gestures at your fingertips will be transmitted to the children, such as using cloth bags, avoiding single-use plastics, taking advantage of bartering so as not to generate as much waste, etc.

In addition, an activity to create bioplastics will be developed thanks to the Gourmetfood monitors and monitors in each educational center and is supported with an activity notebook and an explanatory mural that will remain in the facilities of each educational center.