The V “Uvesa Alpico Tour” ends, which promotes healthy habits and sports among Navarrese schoolchildren
  • The First Division players of Ribera Navarra FS have visited a dozen schools in Tudela, Ablitas, Alfaro and Cortes
  • In total, nearly 700 schoolchildren have had the opportunity to share a few hours with these sports professionals

Tudela (Navarra), May 31, 2024. – Once again it is time to take a break from the school year and say goodbye to the fifth edition of the Uvesa Alpico 2024 Tour, an initiative by Grupo Uvesa and the Ribera Navarra futsal club that started in 2017. to promote sports and healthy habits among schoolchildren in the region. On this occasion, environmental education content has also been shared, thanks to the collaboration of Gourmetfood, a Navarra catering company that promotes healthy eating in educational centers.

Since the end of last January, a delegation of Ribera Navarra FS First Division players and members of its technical team have visited a dozen educational centers in Tudela and La Ribera offering students a presentation talk about the Club, its alliance with Grupo Uvesa and its Alpico brand and the importance of having a healthy diet and practicing sports.

In addition, the members of Ribera have shared their personal experiences with the children and, once again, have highlighted their good behavior, their curiosity and their active participation. The practical part consisted of a couple of circuits with a ball and a little game. And in all of them there has been an autograph session and group photo. In total, nearly 700 students, mostly from Primary Education, but also from ESO and Early Childhood Education, have been able to enjoy the presence of these sports professionals.

In Tudela, the Ribera players have visited San Julián, IES Benjamín, Griseras, Huertas Mayores, Compañía de María, La Anunciata and Elvira España. They have also gone to San Babil de Ablitas, Coami de Alfaro and Cerro de la Cruz de Cortes